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Marybeth Moran


Working in Baltimore homelessness services and workforce development for almost a decade, Marybeth realized the number one barrier that prevented clients from moving toward employment was lack of photo ID. Attempting to obtain vital documents for clients was often unsuccessful as the process is extremely complicated for individuals who are missing secondary documents like utility bills, leases, and credit card statements. 


Marybeth  was shocked to realize there is not a national  focus on this issue across the country and was even more frustrated that a piece of plastic determines one’s trajectory. Identity Access Project (IAP) was born out of this space. 


Marybeth is a strong believer in second chances and that one’s piece of plastic does not determine one’s dignity or worth. 



IAP is the only identification service provider that is a one stop shop for all vital documents (birth certificates, social security cards, and state ID). IAP manages the complex process of obtaining documents allowing agencies to focus on better executing their mission.

Our primary market is agencies serving the homelessness. We reach them through selling a customized membership package. These agencies also partner with us to secure funding.

Customers like our solution because it saves them time and money while filling a critical gap in their services. Unlike other providers which can only secure a limited quantity of MD birth certificates, IAP is a 50 state solution. 

Image by Rémi Walle
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